Posted by: Liz Massey | December 19, 2007

Giving yourself the gift of space–what do you need to create?

Coroflot’s Creative Seeds blog, an excellent resource for design professionals, recently tackled the issue of how professionals in a creative field can work productively in a home office.
Most of the considerations posed by blogger Carl Alviari are relevant for creative people to consider when constructing a workspace for themselves. I especially like the attention that Alviari pays to lighting and level of distraction as factors related to productivity.
I would add to this line of thought a couple of suggestions for artists, all of which challenge creatives to stretch their concept of where their most fruitful creative moments can take place. Coffee-shop attendees may want to consider where else they can take their “mobile workstation” and be able to work productively. And for projects that simply can’t be done in your own home (or public space such as a library or coffee shop), bartering with friends for access to specialized art space (like a darkroom or a dance studio) may resolve a key issue in bringing forth a new idea, while also helping the artist build a stronger support network for his or her life and work.


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