Posted by: Liz Massey | April 5, 2008

The blogger’s new clothes (or theme)

Trying a new theme in WordPress; hope you find it enjoyable. I’ve added a photo my partner took in Sedona several years ago. I’ll try to rotate in new photos from our collection occasionally. Neither of us are professional photographers, but living in Arizona helps with having captivating subject matter! 🙂

Speaking of which…there was a interesting conversation over at The Online Photographer in connection with a review posted of the Arizona Highways Photography guide about why some people feel it necessary to come to some place like Arizona (or New Mexico, Colorado, Alaska…fill in the blank with your favorite get-a-way state) to take artful pictures.

I agree with some of the commenters–if you live some place such as Arizona, great, it is a nature photography paradise, but so were Kansas and Missouri, where I used to live. Saying one “can’t” get breathtaking photos in the “fly-over” states seems like a cop out.

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