Posted by: Liz Massey | May 1, 2008

Happy RSS Awareness Day

Given the importance of Really Simple Syndication or RSS to the world of Web 2.0, it’s worth expanding your May Day celebrations to include a toast to the fact that May 1 is RSS Awareness Day

Given the importance of RSS to my recent entry on creating an online dashboard for your worthy project, I thought it fitting to mention the celebration and encourage readers to visit the RSS Day site, esp. as it includes a Common Craft video that explains the concept of RSS. Common Craft is a company that takes Web 2.0 concepts and manages to explain them visually, using little more than paper, printouts, markers, white board and their own two (or more) hands!

(A tip o’ the blog to Tina at The Cycling Artist for alerting me to today’s celebration. RSS rocks!)

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