Posted by: Liz Massey | August 13, 2008

Surf’s Up: Creativity Links for August 13, 2008

A message about the music industry’s future from a forward-thinking eclectic, how to build an audience for your art, and a couple of great ideas for creating art with your kids are the “stars” in this week’s episode of “Surf’s Up,” the survey of blog-o-spheric innovation.

1. The artistic community-building blog Illustration Friday recently posted a link to a December 2007 Wired magazine article written by rock musician David Byrne, of Talking Heads fame, directed at emerging musicians and others who want to find their way through the mystery of making a living in a post-Napster era.

Byrne tells readers,

“What is called the music business today, however, is not the business of producing music. At some point it became the business of selling CDs in plastic cases, and that business will soon be over. But that’s not bad news for music, and it’s certainly not bad news for musicians. Indeed, with all the ways to reach an audience, there have never been more opportunities for artists.”

He discusses six music distribution models operating in today’s market, and the article is peppered with interesting graphs and the web file has links to audio snippets that range from Byrne’s cover of the Fiery Furnace’s tune “Ex Guru” to conversations between Byrne and fellow late 20th Century musical pioneer Brian Eno.

2. The fabulous How To Build an Audience and Keep It blog/micro-site of the Workbook Project pointed me to a great presentation by filmmaker Brian Chirls that he did for the project’s DIY Days in L.A. at the end of July. Brian’s presentation is aimed specifically at independent filmmakers trying to build an audience, but it’s a great video for any performing artist trying to help new people connect with and spread the word about his/her work.

Brian’s post that includes the presentation also has links and explanations of how best to use Web 2.0 tools and techniques such as blogging platforms (like me, he thinks WordPress rocks!), search engine optimization, Google Analytics, social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, and RSS feeds.

3. Finally, the delightful Daisy Yellow blog has had a couple of great posts on making art with children. Author Tammy is mother to 2 budding artist-daughters, aged 6 and 8, and uses the blog to describe the family’s current projects, as well as share her own artwork.

She posted a nice set of suggestions recently about jazzing up bedtime stories and had another interesting post on an art game, “Tags,” based on idea prompts that she plays with her children and other members of her family.

The blog is a fun profusion of creativity, color, and love of children and parenting. Definitely a breath of fresh air!

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