Posted by: Liz Massey | September 30, 2008

Surf’s Up: Creativity Links for September 30, 2008

Photo courtesy SXC.

We have a feast for the eyes with a photo-and-video-dominant linkfest this week. We’ll learn about the importance of backing up one’s photos online, visit the world of city-centric photo blogs and uncover some great DIY sites for aspiring filmmakers. Plus, we have a link for an intriguing idea contest with a terrific payout!

1. If you take digital photographs and store them on your computer, it’s inevitable that a hiccup in your hard drive can send you fretting if you haven’t saved them elsewhere. The Epic Edits photoblog recently kicked off a series on digital security with a post offering hyperlinks to a broad spectrum of information on the issue, from a Wikipedia entry on backups to posts by professional photographers Jim Goldstein and Jim Talkington.

I don’t think anyone I know backs up their digital creativity enough, so this post may be a good starting point for anyone who produces content on a computer.

2. Every time I go to see what’s happening on the Kansas City Daily Photo blog, I get homesick. I spent the first 27 years of my life in KC, and Cathy Bennett’s photos, even if they are of a part of the metro area I have never experienced, always take me back to my hometown.

Imagine my pleasure when I discovered Cathy’s blog is part of the CityDailyPhoto network, which lists more than 500 sister sites! The network is a great place to find a photoblog depicting life in one of your favorite destinations, or perhaps feeding your fantasies of a place you would like to visit. And who knows? Maybe your hometown doesn’t have such a blog and you can join in the fun. Some city photo sites are done by professionals, but not all of them are.

2.5 Speaking of geographic visual art, creative folk with insatiable wanderlust should consider visiting, and/or contributing to, The Compulsive Traveler site. Billing itself as “videos for travelers, by travelers,” the site accepts uploads from both professional videographers and non-professionals and boasts dozens of “channels” to browse through to find just the video experience you want to access. The site also offers a “Video of the Day” option, if you’ve got a travel-related blog or website and want to offer fresh content to your visitors.

3. Trying to get started in filmmaking, but at a loss to figure out how you’re going to execute all those bold crane-based camera moves, or where you’ll find money for a boom microphone? Worry no more— has compiled a list of 202 DIY Filmmaking Tutorials, with instructions for building a $14 Steadycam, a backseat car camera mount and a voice-over “porta booth”.

I was alerted to this trove of tips by Paul at Self-Reliant Film, who has his own handy page of DIY tips, as well.


The ever-intriguing Scott Burkun posted recently about Google’s Project 10100, which is (as Google puts it) “a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.”

The contest aspect of the project, which has a deadline of October 20, requires participants to fill out a form explaining their idea. The form may be supplemented with a 30-second video to expand upon the inspiration. Contest categories listed by Google include community, opportunity, environment, energy, health, education and several more.

A public vote will help whittle the list of finalists from 20 to five, and Google has committed $10 million to fund up to five ideas selected by its advisory board.

Note that Google isn’t necessarily going to pay YOU to implement your great idea, or an organization you might be representing, but the feeling of having such a life- and world-changing idea may well be the ultimate payoff.

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