Posted by: Liz Massey | March 20, 2009

Too cool not to share: Virtual Art Picnics

I would have put this in this week’s Surf’s Up (which I posted about 10 seconds ago) if I had only known:

The Virtual Art Picnic

Explanation: An art picnic is a fun, gremlin-quieting way to get past your fears and get creating, according to picnic maven Leah Piken Kolidas.

As she describes it,

“A Virtual Art Picnic happens partly on a teleconference line (to check in before and after) and partly on your own. The experiences lasts 2 hours total — In the first half hour we meet on the bridge line, I give a grounding exercise, answer any questions, help set an intention, and then you get off the call and create on your own for 1 hour.

“At the end of the hour, we check back in on the bridge-line to share our experiences and have a brief discussion.”

Sounds fun to me! The next one is March 26, so head on over to Leah’s Creative Every Day blog and sign yourself up!


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