Posted by: Liz Massey | January 20, 2010

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for January 20, 2010

Photo courtesy SXC.

Here is Creative Liberty’s weekly creativity link post, in the new “snack-size” format!

Seth’s Blog: First, organize 1,000

Seth Godin chimes in on the magic of the “1,000 fans” idea. Basically, he says if you do the work of truly reaching 1,000 people, you’ll have built the infrastructure to do just about anything.

7 great resources for winter photography | PhotoNaturalist

Steve Bernardi offers links covering the essentials of a happy photo-gathering trek during the winter.

The Documentary Blog’s Top 50 Documentaries of the Decade

Jay Cheel of the Documentary blog lists his top 50 docs from 2000-2009. Most on the list have links to clips or trailers.

The Creativist Manifesto: Consumer or Creativist?

A manifesto by Olivia Sprinkel. She boldly asserts: “This default way of being is now so entrenched that ‘consumer’ is the default label for people. So what’s the alternative? To be a Creativist: To reclaim the right to our individual identities; To play an active role in shaping, in creating our lives from the inside out; To fulfill our need to create which is part of all of us.”

Creative Streak: Selling the Idea of the Idea

Andy Eklund discusses 5 ways to sell a great creative idea.

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