Posted by: Liz Massey | February 4, 2010

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for February 4, 2010

Photo courtesy SXC.


Interior photographer Paul Barbera has created a lovely website documenting the work environments of dozens of creative people from around the world!

Tastee Pudding

Amanda Hirsch, formerly of Creative DC blog fame, has started her new creativity-focused blog in her new hometown of New York City. No longer geographically orieneted, the new blog has already featured posts on artists and their day jobs, improv lessons for freelancers and a mini-meditation on the thought that “creativity is subtraction.”

Arts for Haiti: A Lowdown of Resources

Silky at Expressive Hart blog posted a nice round-up of arts-based responses to the recent catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.

Break the rules to reveal innovation opportunities

Paul Sloane, head of the BQF Innovation Unit, posts on Innovation Tools, asserting that deliberately breaking established rules leads to better ideas and business operations.

Deconstructing Creativity: The 4 Roles You Need to Play to be Fully Creative

Luciano Passuello, writing on Litemind blog. He writes: “There are four distinct roles to be performed for the creative process to be as effective as possible. Each one requires that you play different characters, with different mindsets and skills. The roles are: Explorer, Artist, Judge and Warrior.”

Compost And Creativity: I Scream — An Incubation Exercise

Donna Kallner provides a very interesting and tasty exercise for breaking through creative blocks–it involves ice cream!



  1. So nice to discover your wonderful blog. Thanks so much for including my blog on Arts for Haiti.

  2. Liz, an overdue thank you for giving Tastee Pudding such a nice shout-out! And a general thanks for all you do here on Creative Liberty — such a great resource for finding links to new creative projects & ideas! 🙂

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