Posted by: Liz Massey | February 16, 2010

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for February 16, 2010

Photo courtesy Markus Bartsch via SXC.

7 Things to Do in the Event of an Idea Eruption

Ken at Mildly Creative blog wisely advises what to do after the clouds of your latest creative brainstorm have parted.

The Art of Publicity – How Media Savvy Has Trumped Creativity

Evan Maloney writing in Open Magazine. A sharply worded article questioning the value of excessive self-promotional skills in the visual art world.

Switch Off Your Social Self – Switch On Your Creativity | Lateral Action

Guest poster Cath Duncan offers four simple rules for relaxing into creative flow.

Innovate on Purpose: How to spot – or avoid – innovators

Jeffrey Phillips has a great post on traits of innovators and how to draw them out!

Three Ways Limits Can Set Your Creativity Free

Marelisa Fábrega, writing on her blog, discusses six-word novels, six sentence short stories and Dr. Suess’s 50-word best-sellers as example of how limitations can bring out extreme creativity when they are embraced as challenges, not impediments.

Coalition of the Willing: film-making, collaboration, activism

Interesting report from the blog of The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts about philosopher/activist Tim Rayner’s film designed to stimulate collaboration in arts activism related to climate change.


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