Posted by: Liz Massey | March 17, 2010

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for March 17, 2010

Illustration courtesy of SXC.

Special Report: Innovating in a Recession
Chuck Frey of InnovationTools blog/website releases his 2010 Innovation Climate Survey.

iF Design Awards Highlight Brilliant Solutions to Everyday Problems |
Next to the Red Dot awards, the iF award is the most prestigious design award out of Europe, attracting all sorts of designs that you’d otherwise never see. The 2010 awards were doled out at a ceremony last week.

Innovate: Encouraging Light Bulb Moments in Your Workplace
A nice short e-guide from the documentation and training firm of Michaels & Associates.

Creative Exercises for Artists
Benoit Philippe of My French Easel has created a lovely free e-book for artists and other creatives. Most of these exercises are visual ones, but many of them do not require specific artistic skills and are suitable for anyone regardless of their age or level of artistic ability. (Hat-tip to Making a Mark blog for the link.)

Is There A New Art Economy?
Sue Smith, writing on her blog Ancient Artist, discusses the very shaky current market for art and advises scenario planning for artists trying to figure out their next business move.

Learning innovation skills and best practices
Jeffrey Phillips, writing on his Innovate on Purpose blog, explains what can go wrong with a facilitated brainstorming or innovation session by describing a badly led one he participated in recently.


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