Posted by: Liz Massey | April 3, 2010

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for April 3, 2010

Photo courtesy of SXC.

The Angel of Play | Abbey of the Arts
Christine, writing on her spiritually infused Abbey of the Arts blog, discusses play, improvisation, hard work, and their relationship to the art-making process. Beautiful!

The thing we shouldn’t be asking artists to do | The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts
Post argues that art shouldn’t be asked to self-consciously shoulder the burden of saving the planet through artworks, and says “what we shouldn’t be doing is asking artists to make art about climate.”

Great Visualizers: Stefanie Posavec | Information Is Beautiful
An interesting introduction to this amazing data artist’s work, including her celebrated “Left vs. Right” infographic and work she’s done visualizing material from a musical album.

Design = Drama | GlimmerSite
Blog post discussing a memo from David Mamet to the creative team working on a since-cancelled TV series called The Unit about dramatic structure and the parallels between theater and the day-to-day work of a designer.

Musical Assumptions: Discipline
Elaine Fine discusses the discipline that daily practice imposes on her life as a musician and the benefits of self-discipline. She also makes an interesting side trip into the origins of the word “discipline” itself.

Bonus Links: Package Deals!

40 Creativity and Innovation Articles – Unleash Your Creativity
Marelisa, the author of the Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online, packages more than 3 dozen of her best creativity-related articles in one easy to scan round-up post. Lots of interesting titles to choose from!

Tell Us Your Creative Blocks – and We’ll Help You Smash Through Them! | Lateral Action
Mark McGuinness has started 2010 with a great series addressing typical creative blocks voiced by artists and innovators. This page links to the entire series.

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