Posted by: Liz Massey | April 15, 2010

World Creativity and Innovation Week starts today!

Once you’ve lifted your eyes from your tax forms (if you live in the United States and have left things to the last moment …) on April 15, you can start celebrating! World Creativity and Innovation Week kicks off on Thursday, and runs through April 21.

The week, which originated as a day dedicated to creativity in 2002, sees worldwide participation,  which is lovingly tracked and curated by Marci Segal, co-founder of the event. April 15 is Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday, and the intent of the week is to spur people of all ages and levels in society to take time to deliberately exercise and appreciate their creative abilities.

The examples page on the event’s site provides a bevvy of ideas for celebration, from a musical featuring the 7 creative principles of Leonardo Da Vinci produced by a school in Ontario, Canada, to creativity and humor “playshops” presented in San Diego, to “Creativity Day” e-mails, which the United Nations’ training division in New York City sent to its employees.

What will you do to celebrate the week? Tell us in the comments section below. For my part, I will be presenting a “very best of Surf’s Up” blog post next week, in which I will cull the top links from more than 2 years of Surf’s Up posts and re-post them here for your creative enjoyment!

More on World Creativity and Innovation Week:
Ideas for getting involved this year
Top 10 reasons for getting involved (in case you need leverage!)
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