Posted by: Liz Massey | April 20, 2010

Link-a-polooza: The Best of Surf’s Up, 2008-2010 (part 1)

Image courtesy of SXC.

Last week, I promised something special for World Creativity and Innovation Week, and here it is. I had thought about doing a link-a-polooza at the end of last year, but got so caught up in other projects I never did it.

So here it is: a two-post celebration of what I consider the most intriguing links that I’ve shared in my weekly “Surf’s Up” post. Beginning with the very first post in January 2008 and continuing up to the present, I’ve striven with Surf’s Up (and now, with Surf’s Up, Condensed) to distill the excitement and wisdom of the creative Web. My sources have never failed me … each week, I’m dazzled by how much information is out there related to creativity, innovation and the arts.

The love-fest will continue tomorrow with more of my favorites from the past two years!

The Creativist Manifesto: Consumer or Creativist?

A manifesto by Olivia Sprinkel. She boldly asserts: “This default way of being is now so entrenched that ‘consumer’ is the default label for people. So what’s the alternative? To be a Creativist: To reclaim the right to our individual identities; To play an active role in shaping, in creating our lives from the inside out; To fulfill our need to create which is part of all of us.”

Innovate on Purpose: How to spot – or avoid – innovators

Jeffrey Phillips has a great post on traits of innovators and how to draw them out!

Make Things: The 6 Things All Creative People Make

I link to Ken Robert at the Mildly Creative blog frequently because, as the Quakers say, he “speaks to my condition.” Rather than offer grand life-hacks that purport to solve all your creative issues, he frequently posts tips and bits of inspiration that allow readers to use the material to solve their own creative angst or just keep on going when the inspiration stops flowing. In this introduction to this lovely six-part series, he focuses on “making,” in the sense of actions that are inherent in any genuine attempt to develop something new. According to him, creative people make decisions, commitments, attempts, mistakes, adjustments, and meaning.

10 Ways to Stimulate the Economy With Your Brain

A nice post from Pam Slim’s Escape from Cubicle Nation blog, which contains excellent ideas for stirring up commerce in your own backyard, with no investment or red tape involved. Although Pam’s focus is on boosting local businesses, not creativity per se, many of the tips either require a little creativity to get off the ground (or at least creativity’s second cousin, moxie) or are tips that will be a win-win for working artists who want to stimulate their own personal economy, as well as that of the community in which they live.

The Creative Person’s Hierarchy of Needs

This is a delightful post by Cynthia Morris of She asserts that in addition to the traditional hierarchy of needs posited by psychologist Abraham Maslow, creative persons have other needs that must be satisfied in order to life a fully productive life.

Thwart The “Idea Killers” With BINGO

Paul Williams, who runs the Idea Sandbox blog, guest posted at Marketing Profs Daily Mix about an inventive way to keep brainstorming sessions flowing and remind participants to focus on idea generation, not evaluation, during such meetings. Williams created an Idea Killers Bingo game, complete with cards displaying the most often heard put-down phrases used to squash innovative ideas.

A Blind Man Hallucinating

Mind Hacks reports on a brief but interesting piece on NPR about a blind man who has visual hallucinations. The person in question lost his sight due to hereditary sight-loss, but has Charles Bonnet syndrome, a condition characterized by playful visual hallucinations and (perhaps even more striking) a complete awareness that one is hallucinating.

The report raises all sorts of interesting questions related to how large a role intention plays in creative imagination, since these visual phenomena are not being produced via intentional extension of the will, yet appear to be a very rich synthesis of previous cognitive input.

110+ Resources For Creative Minds

Skelliewag has posted an incredible list of links on a wide variety of creative topics, including idea generation, photography, cartooning, writing, blogging, and much, much more. Skelliewag is authored by a staff writer at, whose mission with this blog is to share information about “creating content your site’s visitors will fall in love with.”


My classmate Roger Burks played in bands with me throughout high school. Recently, we reconnected via Facebook, and I learned about a terrific site (and project) that Roger is involved with – Pictographers, a humanitarian project that uses documentary photography and storytelling to (as their website tells it) “connect the world’s most vulnerable populations to those who can help them.”

Bonus Links!

How to Find Art Supplies at Thrift Stores

From Zura at the Creative Clown blog.

The Oddstrument Collection

Want to learn about what musical instrument Dr. Suess would play? (A daxophone, of course!) Or how to build a working train whistle out of paper? Or where you can go to hear the tones of a sea organ? Then go visit the Oddstrument Collection, a wonderfully wacky blog from a Santa Fe resident who loves unusual musical instruments!


  1. Liz,

    Thanks so much for including the Idea Killer Bingo Game link to my Idea Sandbox site.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the article, I hope your readers do as well!


  2. […] The post is by Creative Liberty, a blog that provides countless fantastic references for creative people. They’ve recently compiled a post called “Link-a-polooza: The Best of Surf’s Up 2008-2010“. […]

  3. Liz,
    Thanks for the link love! What a great list. I got particularly excited about the article about finding art supplies at thrift stores.
    I love art supplies and love finding them at yard sales and thrift stores. Notebooks, paper, Podge Modge! it’s all there.

    Thanks again for the great post with so many resources.

  4. […] Link-a-polooza: The Best of Surf’s Up 2008-2010, Part 1 […]

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