Posted by: Liz Massey | May 4, 2010

Surf’s Up Condensed: Top Creativity Links for May 4, 2010

Illustration by Kriss Szkurlatowski courtesy SXC.

26 Reasons Why Most Brainstorming Sessions Fail
Pablo Munoz, writing on Sustainable Innovation blog, lists more than two dozen reasons why brainstorming meetings can go astray, and offers a similar number of ways to fix this!

Creative Streak: Framing the Problem
Andy Eklund discusses the importance of problem framing in terms of its impact on brainstorming and creating new ideas.

michael nobbs | 10 ideas for ways to be kinder to yourself (and increase your creative output)
From taking a nap, to treat boxes, to doing the laundry, to a “day away,” Nobbs includes a fine list of very gentle ways to recharge your creative batteries.

Expanding our markets: Artists
Pam Slim, writing on her Escape From Cubicle Nation blog, encourages readers both inside and outside of arts professions to help each other find new and fresh markets for selling their work and their services.

How to set up a ‘backburner’ to capture and review your ideas |
Chuck Frey, commenting on Scott Belsky’s new book “Making Ideas Happen,” discusses the importance of recording and reviewing “backburner” ideas–concepts that aren’t ready to implement, but which may be valuable in the future if they aren’t lost.

Movies in Six Panels
Lisa Agustin, writing on Information Design Watch blog, comments on movie site Little White Lies’ latest competition, in which readers were asked to condense a favorite film into a six-frame comic strip. She notes: “While it’s fun to compare each result to your own recollection of a particular movie, it’s also interesting to think about what each artist decided to include and, perhaps more important, what to leave out.”

Bonus Links!
35 Undiscovered Photographers… Discovered by You
Brian Auer of Epic Edits blog introduces nearly 3 dozen photographers whose work was suggested by blog readers. He showcases some of their best work.

Find a Songwriter to Score Your Project with MusikPitch
From’s “Spark of Genius” series. The MusikPitch website allows businesses and even average folk to seek out musical talent in the form of a contest — the prize of which is payment and exposure (for example: the site suggests a range of $20,000 to $100,000 be rewarded for a song to be used in a feature film). Anyone can visit the site and launch a contest, which can be used to find music to score/furnish: feature films, video games, indie films, theater, movie trailers, underscores, web/blog/podcasts, TV shows, personal projects, commercials, etc.



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    Kriss alias bfcb

    • Glad you like it Kriss. This is one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing on SXC. –Liz

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