Posted by: Liz Massey | May 8, 2010

Got a creative Mom? Have them visit Studio Mothers blog.

Photo courtesy of SXC.

As much as I think Mother’s Day is an awesome holiday — especially when we honor mothers in spirit as well as mothers in fact — you have to admit, it can get more than a little sappy. We take one day a year to put Mom on a pedestal … meaning, what, we take her for granted the other 364?

If your mother inspired your creative dreams, or has creative dreams of her own, one of the most powerful and genuinely kind things you can do for her on Mother’s Day is to provide her with some inspiration. And that’s where my unabashed recommendation of Studio Mothers blog comes in … it is a real-word place for creative moms, which practically screams “inspiration” (in an outdoor voice) with every post. Even if, like me, you don’t have children of your own (I am a proud stepmother, however), there’s plenty of artistic advice to learn from here. It’s just a must-visit blog destination.

The aim of Studio Mothers is simple, and stated clearly in the blog’s subtitle: “helping mothers meet their creative goals.” Written by a team of contributors whose specialties range from crafting to screenwriting to photography and jewelry, members of the “sisterhood” discuss temper tantrums, the correlation between mosaics and motherhood and how to transcend crises of faith during a writer’s group meeting with equal aplomb. The tone of the posts ranges from laugh-out-loud funny to tearfully touching, but all of the content is real and grounded in the rhythms of motherhood.

One of the nicest ongoing features that Studio Mothers offers is the Monday Page. Blog contributors and readers alike are welcome to post a comment on the page each Monday that lays out their creative goals for the week. As the preamble on the page explains it:

“The point of this page is to help you focus at the beginning of each week and set a target to meet. Writing your goals down and posting them publicly creates a sense of accountability that for some of us is more effective than mulling our ambitions over internally.”

So forget giving your mother a kitten as a Mother’s Day present (what about pet dander?), don’t feel obligated to buy her a big frilly card (a hand-crafted one might actually be more fun for her and for you) and only take her out for brunch if she really wants to (because you know the lines are going to be long …). But make sure you show Mom the Studio Mothers site, and let her know how grateful you are that she’s nurtured your creative spirit.

P.S. This post is dedicated to my partner, Pat, who has shown me aspects of creative motherhood that I never imagined I would experience up close. Thank you, honey.


  1. What a wonderful, generous post, Liz! Many thanks for your continual support of Studio Mothers.

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