Posted by: Liz Massey | September 4, 2010

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for September 4, 2010

Photo by Bjarte Kvinge Tvedt via SXC.

Fusion: The Synergy of Images and Words « Steve McCurry’s Blog

An amazing photo essay with lots of shots of people around the world interacting with the written word in various ways. Beautiful!

For Digital Artists, Apps Provide New Palette –

Downloadable applications for smart phones such as the iPhone and Android are providing new media for digital artists to sell their work and develop a following.

Play – The Elixir of Creativity » Wisepreneur

Jeannine McGlade and Andrew Pek, co-authors of “Stimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work”, discuss the vital role of playfulness in sparking creative thought.

The importance of sketching and why you should be doing it | 10,000 Words

Mark Luckie discusses why journalists should practice sketching their ideas — for starters, there’s infographics, multimedia displays and print/web/mobile layouts to consider. Great post reminding us to to think outside the word “box.”

Improvement is NOT innovation

Patrick Lefler, writing on, very concisely delineates the differences between a business move that is an improvement and one that is truly innovative. He writes: “Innovation does include improvement—it has to, but improvement is just a small part. Innovation is much more. Innovation is about creating that breakaway differentiation; it’s about creating superior economic returns; and in the end, it’s about creating what author Geoffrey Moore describes as ‘an outcome competitors are either unable or unwilling to match.’”

Book Review: Urban Interventions – Personal Projects in Public Spaces

A review on the Worldchanging blog of the book “Urban Interventions – Personal Projects in Public Spaces,” edited by Robert Klanten and Matthias Huebner. The publisher describes the book thus: “This book is a striking collection of the personal, often playful and thought-provoking installations in urban environments that use and react to walls, traffic signs, trees, ads, and any and all elements of the modern city. It is the first book to document these very current art projects – as well as their interplay with fine art, architecture, performance, installation, activism and urbanism – in a comprehensive way.”


  1. I loved those pictures with the people reading. That’s so beautiful. Thank you for compiling all of this info together in one spot, it’s very useful!

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