Posted by: Liz Massey | September 14, 2010

Interview with an Innovator: Jeffrey Baumgartner

Entrepreneur and innovation expert Jeffrey Baumgartner

We continue our “Interview with an Innovator” podcast series today with a session I recorded with entrepreneur and business innovation expert Jeffrey Baumgartner of earlier this year.

Although he’s operated a number of different types of businesses over the years, Jeffrey’s main area of business today is the development and international marketing of Jenni Idea Management software as a service.

Our conversation touches on the difference between creativity and business innovation, how leaders can set the stage (or not) for innovative teams to thrive, and the best ways to generate ideas (hint: Jeffrey says it’s not through traditional brainstorming).

Producing this podcast was truly an international experience, with Jeffrey in Belgium and I in Arizona for the interview. Thank heavens for Skype!

Jeffrey makes a point with his Sharpie pen.

Listen to the Jeffrey Baumgartner podcast now!


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