Posted by: Liz Massey | October 23, 2010

Surf’s Up Condensed: Top Creativity Links for October 23, 2010

Photo courtesy SXC.

Making a Mark: Does teaching art generate copying of art?
Artist and author Katherine Tyrrell summarizes a lively discussion about how teaching new artists techniques using your art work as a model can create copyright infringement issues down the road. Katherine includes thoughts about copying as a technique for artist development, and the role intent (of the newbie artist) plays in this whole situation.

Miranda: Psst…”creativity” does not contain the letters S, H, O, U, L, or D
One of the writers of the Studio Mothers: Life & Art blog tackles her struggle between time to mother 5 children (ranging in age from 2 to 20) and writing the various books she is plotting. A great discussion of habit, desire, Buddhist meditation and how to make the most of the time at hand!

Step 288: Be a Greenhouse for New Ideas
Christa Avampato, in her lovely blog Christa in New York, makes the case for treating creative activity like gardening and providing a nurturing shelter for one’s new ideas. She writes: “Part of being a friend to new ideas is providing a safe place for them to be in their infancy, providing nourishment and space to grow.”

Internet Marketing: Why Artists And Creatives Have an Unfair Advantage
Mark McGuinness of Wishful Thinking blog neatly explains how creatives can leverage their ability to create content to develop a fan base and make a living doing what they love.

Stock Your Creative Reservoir Before You Go Fishing for Ideas | SmartStorming
Emphasizes the importance of exposing oneself to a variety of words, images, experiences, and so on, in order to stimulate associational thinking, which is particularly useful when engaging in brainstorming activities.


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