Posted by: Liz Massey | November 28, 2010

Surf’s Up, Condensed — Thanksgiving leftovers edition: Top Creativity Links for November 28, 2010

Photo courtesy SXC.

Compost And Creativity: The Creative Fire

Blogger and fiber artist Donna Kallner discusses a new wood-burning stove in her new house and the lessons she learned about creativity while learning how to successfully light the stove and enjoy the fire’s glow.

Sample quote:

“I need the fire to catch quickly and burn clean. I need heat without drama.

As I was laying a fire the other day, it struck me how similar the process is to what I do in the studio when I need to start something new: Lay kindling, open the back door, strike a match, build some heat and coals, then feed the fire.”

Firefly News Flash | November 2010

This edition of the Firefly News Flash e-newsletter, produced by Brian Remer’s Firefly Group, focuses on conversation starter pin-back buttons produced by experiential educator Jennifer Stanchfield, and activities for instigating creativity and conversations using buttons, postcards, bumper stickers or other brief random thought expressions.

Improv Theatre Methods Assist Creativity « BQF Innovation

Paul Sloan explains why he uses improv techniques in his creativity workshops. He asserts learning to improvise is important because it runs counter to our nature and conditioning: “Our natural instinct is to repel the outsider, to reject unorthodoxy and to repulse unexpected ideas. Improv challenges all of this. It teaches us to welcome the unknown and to turn it to our advantage.”

“Kickstarting” a Passion Project « Journeys of a Hybrid

Gail Mooney, a still photographer and filmmaker, writes about working on projects close to her heart (“Passion Projects”) and the use of Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site that leverages social media to help fund worthy projects.

WildGoose Festival 2011

Description from the site itself: “A justice and spirituality festival that feels more like a long weekend party than a conference, rooted in an irenic (and sometimes ironic) Christian tradition but open to all. As we work toward what makes for the deepest togetherness and most lasting change, we are using the lenses and gifts of art, music, and conversation to nurture a community of people connected to each other, to the suffering people of the world, and to the earth itself.”


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