Posted by: Liz Massey | February 11, 2011

The Artist @ Work: Alyson B. Stanfield,

Photo of Alyson taken by Kimberly Lennox.

Today our series “The Artist @ Work” continues with a podcast interview with art business consultant Alyson Stanfield. Alyson, who has degrees in art history and who spent a decade as a museum curator and educator, has built a wonderful consulting and coaching practice that helps visual artists become successful marketers of their work and good business people.

Our conversation focuses on some of the basic steps emerging artists can take to become comfortable with sharing their art with the world. Alyson also shares a little bit of her story as an arts-based entrepreneur!

To learn more about Alyson Stanfield:

Alyson’s website

Alyson’s blog

Alyson’s Art Business group on LinkedIn


  1. […] this issue, I discuss a point made by arts business coach Alyson B. Stanfield in a recent podcast we did: that putting in studio time (aka practice) in one’s art leads to […]

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