Posted by: Liz Massey | April 6, 2011

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for April 6, 2011

Photo courtesy of SXC.

Plagiarism or ‘passing off’ – it’s got to stop
Artist and writer Katherine Tyrrell, on her Making A Mark blog, reprints (in a significantly edited form) a 2009 post commenting on the difference between copying a teacher or a master work in order to learn more about artistic technique and plagiarizing the work to make money off of it. A long post, but good reading for anyone concerned with intellectual property and ethical art!

When Art Becomes a Business Model – A Response to Katherine Tyrrell | Ancient Artist
Sue Favinger Smith responds to Katherine Tyrrell’s post on plagiarism with a nuanced critique and important points related to Tyrrell’s use of the “painting a day” movement (and the cottage industry it seems to have inspired) as an example.

One of my favorite quotes from the post:

“When art – no matter what it’s original purpose – becomes a business model or a commodity, the argument between art and concept, plagiarism and derivative becomes murky as to what is original, what is re-framing or re-purposing, and what is artistically dishonest.”

10 things entrepreneurs can learn from musicians | crowdSPRING Blog
Mike Samson discusses parallels and lessons between entrepreneurs and musicians. Some of my favorites: musicians cooperate; the orchestra follows the conductor; musicians try different things; and musicians love to party!

How Julian Schnabel Overcomes Creative Ruts | Big Think
The filmmaker says that transcendent moments of clarity and inspiration are what drives his art. Here, he describes a particularly inspiring moment from the filming of his second film “Before Night Falls.”

12 apps for anywhere, any time brainstorming on the iPhone
Chuck Frey of posts a round-up of a dozen iPhone apps focused on idea stimulation and capture.

Practice, Practice, Practice | Third Coast International Audio Festival
Everyone knows the riddle: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? And the answer: Practice, practice, practice. But what if you practice, practice, practice, and still don’t get there? In this podcast, four musicians describe the physical and mental challenges they face pursuing, against the odds, careers in classical music. Produced by Stanzi Vaubel.

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