Posted by: Liz Massey | April 19, 2011

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for April 19, 2011

Photo courtesy SXC.

Creativity Central – Three Creative Apps that Require Only a Pencil
Marty Baker suggests three creativity exercises – reversing assumptions, “the rolling wall,” and a Brain Squeeze – all of which only require your brain and a No. 2 pencil. All 3 are awesome low-tech right brain exercises!

David Friedman Photography | Inventor Portrait Archives
This links to a treasure trove of posts that Friedman has done over the past several years. He conducts video interviews with inventors and combines them with text and his own portrait photography. He’s talked to inventors who have brought the world the digital camera, an environmentally friendly pizza box, the massage chair, a collapsible little red wagon for kids, the Post-It note, and much more. Very inspiring and visually pleasing!

swissmiss | What’s your Side Project?
Tina Roth Eisenberg discusses a fun icebreaker/name tag activity she did with CreativeMornings, a monthly speaker’s series she runs. The name tags asked for people’s names and then posed the question: If you didn’t have to worry about your job and lack of time, which side project would you start? The answers (in photo form and as comments on the post) are interesting and thought provoking.

What Baseball Could Teach Us About Innovation
Jeffrey Phillips of Innovate on Purpose muses about the beginning of baseball season a few weeks ago and presents parallels between corporate innovation and the American pastime.

One of my favorite parts of the post comes when he discusses how each season brings a sense of renewal for baseball teams.

“That’s the first lesson that baseball can give us about innovation – approach each new opportunity as if it is the first opportunity.  Your history of success or failure, innovation competence or lack thereof, is less important than the opportunity ‘right now.’  To start off with excuses like ‘we’ve never been innovative’ is to plan to fail and plan the excuses first.  Even the Washington Nationals start off the season talking about the playoffs.  Your team should start off talking about the positive outcomes that are likely, rather than the problems from the last attempt or the challenges that will be presented along the way.”

Inner Excavation with Photography, Poetry and Mixed Media: Interview with Liz Lamoreux | Arts and Healing Podcast
In this interview with Britt Bravo of the Arts and Healing Network, Liz Lamoreux speaks about the healing possibilities in art making, writing, group process and the importance of being present. She is currently sharing this inward journey through her new book, Inner Excavations: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry and Mixed Media, her Be Present Retreats, and the stories she shares in her Etsy store, The Little Room.

Attack of the design weenie
Scott Burkun has written a great post that points out the dangers of becoming too specialized and technical, aimed at practitioners of design, user experience or other web-related disciplines, but applicable to artists and innovators of all genres. Here’s my favorite quote from the piece:

“True designers, or experts of any kind, should be ambassadors for their ideas and their craft. An expert has to know that most of the world is ignorant of their expertise, and the only way for great design, or UX, or whatever, to be more valued in the world is if the experts make the ignorant feel good about learning what they don’t know. Big words and fancy concepts are intimidating by design and any designer who uses them under the guise of teaching / inspiring / motivating should know better. All they are likely doing is intimidating the other person out of the conversation. This strokes a weenie’s ego as they think it’s a victory, but in truth there is no progress.”

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