Posted by: Liz Massey | July 4, 2011

Get it daily: The Creative Liberationist Daily online newspaper debuts!

My newest creativity-related offering, The Creative Liberationist Daily

If you’re a subscriber to Creative Liberty’s monthly newsletter, or a regular visitor to this blog and want a new way to satisfy your need for creativity news and inspiration between posts and editions, I’ve created a new option for you. The Creative Liberationist Daily is an online newspaper powered by that gathers the most interesting news about creativity, the arts, technology, innovation and other related topics every 24 hours and delivers them fresh to your inbox.

I call The Creative Liberationist Daily “a daily dose of creative cross-pollination” and that is its real strength – it provides you with a constant dose of new raw material to incorporating into your thinking, your creating and your life.

Sign up for the The Creative Liberationist Daily

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