Posted by: Liz Massey | July 27, 2011

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for July 27, 2011

Photo courtesy of SXC.

Musicians Are Probably Smarter Than the Rest of Us

Report in the Huffington Post that discusses a study of 70 older participants, with different musical experience over their lifetimes, that seems to demonstrate a connection between musical activity and mental balance in old age.

They report,

“The results of this preliminary study revealed that participants with at least 10 years of musical experience (high activity musicians) had better performance in nonverbal memory, naming, and executive processes in advanced age relative to non-musicians.”

The 10 Best Street Photography Blogs on the Web (and more)

Street photographer Eric Kim rates 10 of the best people operating in his niche. Artists from a variety of countries and styles are represented.

IdeaConnection: Idea, Innovation and Invention Contests

This sites lists upcoming creativity/invention contests, the prizes available and the deadlines for participation.

How Can Google+ Be Used To Support Innovation?

Chuck Frey, author of blog, puts out a call for ideas/experiences using the new Google+ social sharing platform for innovation. He will compile them into a comprehensive report.

Meet Quinn McDonald | Artist Loft

A wonderful interview with McDonald, author of “Raw Art Journaling” and a local (Phoenix, AZ) artist, writer, speaker, trainer, and certified creativity coach, about the concept of raw art journaling and how the practice has “taken possession” of her life.

Forget Crayons: 11 Great Art Materials for Toddlers – The Artful Parent

Jean Van’t Hul discusses the best art materials for making young artists’ eyes (and pages!) sparkle. I love the sweetness and love she shows when writing about the value of glue as a art material:

“Yes, they will squeeze and squeeze until there is a puddle of glue on their paper, but they will have so much fun doing it, and the glue is so cheap, that I think you ought to let them. Besides, it’s a good hand-strengthening exercise and helps with motor control. And you can bring out the collage materials to stick in the glue.”



  1. OK… I need to pick up a musical instrument. NOW. Great links, as usual, Liz.

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