Posted by: Liz Massey | November 4, 2011

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for November 4, 2011

Photo courtesy of SXC. 

How Gender Roles Crush Creativity

Terri Giuliano Long of Creative Flux blog has written an excellent and impassioned assertion of the right of children and their parents to engage in activities outside of societally prescribed gender roles.

She writes,

Circumscribed gender roles – among the most stereotypical and arbitrary of rules – put kids in a box. Reining kids in — forcing adherence to arbitrary roles for the sake of social acceptance — bridles their imagination, teaches them to conform. If we hope to foster creativity in our children, we need to give them room to breathe, space to imagine.

Finding Creative Productivity In The ‘Sunshine Spot’

Writer, photographer and new media producer Carole Jane Treggett pens an upbeat post about the value of pushing through discomfort to achieve creative satisfaction. Here’s a mini-version of the post, contained in a brief quote from it:

Cinnamon (Carole’s cat) is quite tenacious about his priority to get his dose of pleasurable warmth each morning.

It got me thinking: why do I stay in the cold shadows of doubt, fear and insecurity when I could easily just move myself to my creative practice, my own ‘sunshine spot’?

I don’t know about you, but when I move forward, despite the discomfort of those feelings and do the work – regardless of how many legitimate stressful circumstances or distractions I have to deal with – an inevitable warm flush of satisfaction, reassurance or well-being (or all three!) flows through me.

Are You Giving Away Too Many Ideas? | Game Changer

Jorge Barba argues that freely sharing ideas with potential clients and others before a deal is reached is generally a good thing. He notes that idea-sharing as a way of doing business can overwhelm client resistance, become a starting point for productive and profitable conversations, and is part of the “new normal” in our social-media-enhanced world.

MagicalPad: An Ideal Tool for Idea Capture and Organization On the iPad

Chuck Frey, writing on his website, reviews the MagicalPad, a free-form notetaking and outlining tool for the iPad. MagicalPad’s freeform layout makes it easy to prioritize actions, split and merge outlines, create sticky-like notes and format content to effectively express ideas and organize thoughts. Users can attach their iPad to an HDTV or HD projection screen using Apple’s digital AV adapter and project their ideas onto a big screen, making the app ideal for business collaboration, brainstorming and presentations.

8 Tips on Creating Innovative and Engaging Products/Services | Zenstorming

This post takes lessons learned in a Writer’s Digest article on how to start a chapter in an engaging manner and applies them to designing an innovative service or product. Some of the best tips: get straight to the action; act first, think later; and fully engage with specific visual details. Clever!

Tweets Become Mini-Movies in Director’s Campaign to Fund Short Film | Mashable

Eddy Terstall found a unique way to raise €20,000 to produce his upcoming movie, “Deal.” He initially turned to, a sort of Kickstarter for Dutch filmmakers like himself. But when that didn’t yield enough money, Terstall got the idea of making mini-movies called “Twitflicks” based on fans’ tweets for a fee. Here’s the link to some of these mini-movies!

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