Posted by: Liz Massey | January 12, 2012

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for January 12, 2012

Photo courtesy SXC.

Arts & Healing Network – AHN Awards
Every year the Arts and Healing Network honors healing artists who are truly making a difference in the world. In 2011, the organization gave away three awards of $4,000 each. The recipients were Ricky Lee Gordon, Naomi Natale, and Sara Potler.

10 Mobile Apps for Highly Creative People | Duarte Blog
Steve Wishman offers a roundup of applications for smartphones and tablets that allow one to flesh out visual concepts on the go. Sketching, image collecting and photo editing apps are included in the list.

15 Scientific Facts About Creativity | Creativity Matters
An extensive collection of research relating to creative activity. Some of the more intriguing studies included in the post:

Love These Oil Paintings? They’re Actually Made Of Yarn | Co.Design
A brief report on Cayce Zavaglia, who has developed an extraordinary technique for using wool thread to evoke the colors and textures of oil paint. Zavaglia was trained as a painter, but when she got pregnant with her daughter, she decided not to use oils anymore (what with all the turpentine and varnish fumes wafting around). The result is a series of portraits that are is entirely — and painstakingly — hand-stitched. The larger ones measure about a foot tall and 3 feet wide, and take as many as six months to complete.

10 Commandments for Creatives
Andrew Zahn, an actor and blogger, has created a beautiful destined-to-go-viral post that dives right into the heart of innovation and reminds us of how important it is to make room for creativity in the day to day.

Some of my favorite commandments include: give space, time and energy to your creativity; jealousy is the death of creativity; you have what it takes . . .  now; and authenticity breeds beauty.

Perfectionism is rooted in grandiosity
Lovely post excerpted from Rettig’s book “The Seven Secrets of the Prolific: The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism and Writer’s Block” that punctures the myth that perfectionism and grandiose posturing serves any purpose for writers, and by extension, all creators.

I particularly like her critique of macho writing-is-hell quotes from authors such as Red Smith and Gene Fowler. She opines:

“I actually find quotes about how awful writing and the writing life are to be not just perfectionist, but self-indulgent. No one’s forcing these writers to write, after all; and there are obviously far worse ways to spend one’s time, not to mention earn one’s living. All worthwhile endeavors require hard, and occasionally tedious, work; and, if anything, we writers have it easy, with unparalleled freedom to work where and how we wish—in contrast to, say, potters who need a wheel and kiln, or Shakespearean actors who need a stage and ensemble. Nonperfectionist and nongrandiose writers recognize all this.”


  1. So kind of you to read my post and post the link here. I’m about to go on a journey and click some of those other links you recommended!

    Nice compilation.

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