Posted by: Liz Massey | April 11, 2013

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links For April 11, 2013


Photo courtesy of SXC.

Why Finding Time Is Better Than Having Time | Ancient Artist
Delightful post by Sue Smith about the challenges of making time for art in a busy life that includes other sorts of employment.

A sample of what she’s driving at:

“Perfect is what you have, not what you think it should be.

“Yes, there will be days when you’re too tired to try. Days when your frustration levels make you feel like you’re pushing rocks uphill.

“But these frustrations occur whether or not you have the time – because it isn’t the amount of time you have that makes the difference.”

Writing, Being, Playing And Sharing | Musical Assumptions
Composer and string player Elaine Fine reflects on the process of letting go of her musical compositions for others to interpret and play, and links to 2 pieces of hers that recently got their first public performance.

Things I Carry: Tools for Cultivating a Creative Workplace
IDEO’s Diego Rodriguez, writing on the LinkedIn blog, opens his professional backpack to reveal what tools he considers essential for creative collaboration on the go. That would be interesting enough, but Rodriguez gives us more, explaining how these tools help him in his role as an organizational gardener and creative cultivator. One of his primary rules for cultivation is “trust what is there.”

“Well-intentioned innovation initiatives are often stifled by timetables and metrics imported from the world of business-as-usual. But when you’re innovating you can’t dig up seeds to see if they’re growing. A paradox of leading in creative situations is that confidence in the outcome is in itself the enabler of creativity: a wise gardener knows that roses are the best authorities on the creation of rosiness, and until they bloom, only checks in to see if they need more food and water. So much about what makes an organization creative is emergent, and not from a ‘vision’ hatched by a few minds at the top. If you believe in people, they’ll do amazingly creative things.”

It’s Not Magic, It’s Your Creatively Unique Purpose | The Fertile Unknown
Rich essay from Michelle James about the role of seemingly “magical” coincidences and synchronicities that occur when one has discovered a purpose to one’s work.

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