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The Best of Creative Liberty

Creative Liberty blog was launched in the fall of 2007 and has featured more than 300 posts related to creativity, innovation and living a creative life. Here are a few of the most popular and useful posts … a “grand tour” of what you’ll find here generally!

Developing Creative Momentum

An overview of my Creative Momentum model, which aims to keep those who practice it unstuck and creatively productive, no matter what life may throw at them.

More on the steps of the Creative Momentum model

Step 1: Decluttering

Step 2: Cultivating Positive Habits and Rituals

Step 3: Attending to Practice and Technique

Step 4: Pursue Worthy Projects

The Creative Person’s Guide to Focus

This series, published in 2010 and 2011, discusses aids and blocks to creative focus and productivity.

 Part 1: A Little Distraction is a Good Thing

Part 2: Getting Unplugged

Part 3: The Sexiness of Single-Tasking

Part 4: Go with the Flow

Part 5: Collaboration? Or Interruption?

Part 6: When in Doubt, Improvise

Embracing Creative Failure

A brief series covering the uses of failed projects, ideas or collaborations.

Part I: Getting It Half-Right

Part 2: Cultivating Happy Accidents

Part 3: But What About Quality?

Other cool posts

A random assortment of posts (of which I am rather proud!) that get at the heart of what Creative Liberty is all about.

What Do You Do When the Fire Goes Out?

Creativity Myths: The Lies We Tell Ourselves (and Others)

6 Habits to Build Creative Greatness

Stacking the Deck: Using Cards and Toys to Enhance Creativity

Practice Notes: How I Got My Musical Groove Back (Sort Of)

Keys to Keeping Creative Resolutions: Clarity, Intent, Persistence

The Big (20)12: A Dozen Ways to Liberate Your Creativity This Year

A Creative Person’s Bill of Rights


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