Posted by: Liz Massey | March 23, 2010

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for March 23, 2010

Photo courtesy SXC.

Starbucks Sponsors Coffee-Cup Redesign Contest | Fast Company
Starbucks is sponsoring Betacup’s contest to reinvent the carrier for the world’s second-most popular beverage. Starbucks is trying to serve all of its coffee in re-useable or recyclable cups by 2015, and they’re offering $10,000 to the winner, and $10,000 to be split among the next best five. The contest kicks off April 1, and runs through June 15.

Three Enemies of Innovation | American Express OPEN Forum
John L. Mariotti, president and CEO of The Enterprise Group, discusses 3 attitudes that interfere with successful innovation, and how to combat them.

Free Spirit Knits: Creating with a Beginner’s Mind
Shannon Kinney-Duh shares a lovely meditation on the importance of approaching one’s art with an open and child-like mental attitude.

Kandinsky Inspired Art Project | No Time For Flash Cards
A fabulous project for parents who want to work on art projects with their kids. The idea is to look at a famous piece of artwork, discuss it with the child and have them “remake” it.

How to look for innovation inspiration outside of your industry | InnovationTools
Peter Balbus notes that looking outside one’s industry gets beyond being a copycat of “best practices” that are already standard to innovative techniques that work in other market sectors.

In My Dreams (infographic)
Kailie Parrish, student of fine arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, has published the results from a study about her dreams. The collected data is summarized in a lovely designed data visualization. From

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