Posted by: Liz Massey | May 18, 2010

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for May 18, 2010

Photo courtesy of SXC.

Distractions: What They Really Mean | FreelanceFolder
Lexi Rodrigo, creator of The Savvy Freelancer blog, neatly divides distractions from creative work into external and internal obstacles, and offers tips for dealing with each type of distraction. Very insightful, especially relating to internally sourced distractions!

The Art of Pitching Ideas | American Express OPEN Forum
Matthew May, author of In Pursuit of Elegance, asserts that creative entrepreneurs need to be well-versed in the art of effective presentations, and offers the Pecha Kucha and 10/20/30 models as useful templates to work from.

Idea Management: Drop Box or Water Cooler
Jeffrey Phillips of OVO Innovation discusses the fact that new innovation software built on the “water cooler” or crowdsourcing paradigm often doesn’t live up to its potential because most employees are used to idea management tools that operated on the old suggestion box model.

7 steps to creativity – how to have ideas | Write to Done
Simon Townley of WriteMindset blog offers a guest post on WTD about how to consistently come up with original writing ideas.

28 Recommended Art and Design Tumblrs | Escape Into Life
The online journal/artist community Escape Into Life offers more than 2 dozen dazzling Tumblr accounts maintained by artists and designers. Lots of visual yumminess!

About the 1008 Paintings Project
Lisa Sonora Beam has started an ambitious project for 2010–to create 1008 paintings/collages made of old medical/psych textbooks, superimposing her experiences in meditation with her training in psychotherapy. Wonderful introduction to the “why” of her project.

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