Posted by: Liz Massey | June 15, 2010

Surf’s Up, Condensed: Top Creativity Links for June 15, 2010

Photo provided courtesy of SXC.

Adult creativity: Why we should make time for play
Derek Cheshire, writing on the blog, discusses why play expands the boundaries of the possible and why it is similar to brainstorming in terms of unleashing new ideas.

Three Critical Innovation Lessons from Apple – Scott Anthony
Anthony, writing on the Harvard Business Review’s blog, discusses why Apple has been such an innovation leader over the past decade. (Hint: It isn’t just because they have Steve Jobs.)

How to deal with Idea Overload | Thoughtwrestling
Susan Murphy gives several good tips for sorting out a flood of ideas and finding time to act on them.

20 Ways to See The Invisible
Mitch Ditkoff, writing on The Heart of Innovation blog, presents 20 quick reminders for readers wanting to see beyond the obvious in order to access deeper levels of creativity.

Finding a “happy place” in which to write
Elieen the corporate writer asks readers on this “My Ragan” blog about how to cut down on cubicle-farm-induced distractions, and they respond with lots of helpful hints.

Music to Your Wallet: 50 Places to Find Free Music Lessons Online
A listing of 50 places to learn how to play an instrument. Covers piano, guitar, some stringed instruments, general music lessons and how to find free sheet music.


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